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Solutions on Silicon is the smart and flexible partner of choice in the Semiconductor/MEMS industry for Equipment, Consumables, Spare-parts and Process support.

Welcome to SOS Ascent'tec

Solutions on Silicon B.V. started in 2004; co-founded by Peter Sakko CEO from the outset. His background; long career in Semicon with full attention to providing smart extensions of life cycle and / or productivity improvements of equipment in the High-Tech industry.


We offer Field Service Support worldwide


  • System Support Options and Services

  • Spare parts through our Web Site

  • Service Contracts

  • After Hours On-Call Coverage

  • Retrofits/System Upgrades

  • System Installation

  • Decommissioning Services

  • Product Training

  • On Site Process and Development Support

  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

  • System Audits                             

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We offer Equipment Trading Support worldwide


  • System Audits

  • Sell your Legacy equipment with a transparent commission structure

  • Buy your Legacy equipment with a transparent commission structure

  • Consulting on optimal balanced toolsets

  • Sell your old stock of equipment and spare-part inventory

  • Tool remanufacturing

  • Field tool reconfigurations and upgrades

  •       CE Certifications

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An established and unique platform to sell and resell your parts


Is your old stock causing a problem at a certain moment? 

Your warehouse is bulged out?  Everyone is looking for an answer and searching for a solution.

It is a small step to contact ascent ’tec