Solutions on Silicon is the smart and flexible partner of choice in the Semiconductor/MEMS industry for Equipment, Consumables, Spare-parts and Process-support.

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Solutions on Silicon's vision is to become the first partner of choice for post-warranty Equipment/Process support. 

Despite an increasing focus on process nodes of 300mm to 450mm, a significant amount of semiconductor production is still manufactured in facilities set up for 200mm or smaller equipment. This equipment is used to develop mature devices such as analog, mixed signal, power ICs, MEMS, and optical products. 

The result of this is that the OEM’s can’t support the <300mm Fabs anymore as they used to do, the logic result is that a gap has developed between the needs of customers for specialist support on their existing tool set and the limited resources the OEM's can dedicate to their past technologies. 

SoS positions itself as a valid alternative to OEM support. Furthermore, being independent we are not dedicated to a single tool set or technology.

More than once we achieved significant improvements utilizing our pragmatic working methods.

Our work starts where most OEMs end! 
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      We offer Field Service Support worldwide


      • System Support Options and Services

      • Spare parts through our Web Site

      • Service Contracts

      • After Hours On-Call Coverage

      • Retrofits/System Upgrades

      • System Installation

      • Decommissioning Services

      • Product Training

      • On Site Process and Development Support

      • Preventative Maintenance Programs

      • System Audits                             

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      We offer Equipment Trading Support worldwide


      • System Audits

      • Sell your Legacy equipment with a transparent commission structure

      • Buy your Legacy equipment with a transparent commission structure

      • Consulting on optimal balanced toolsets

      • Sell your old stock of equipment and spare-part inventory

      • Tool remanufacturing

      • Field tool reconfigurations and upgrades

      •       CE Certifications

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      An established and unique platform to sell and resell your parts


      Is your old stock causing a problem at a certain moment? 

      Your warehouse is bulged out?  Everyone is looking for an answer and searching for a solution.

      It is a small step to contact ascent ’tec .